Benefits of Group Therapy

There are many approaches to mental healthcare treatment with the two most common being medication and individual therapy, which are proven to be very useful to help patients. Another approach is group therapy. For years, we have used group therapy in different structures to help maintain positive mental health. 

Why? It works!

Benefits of Group Therapy:

  • Provides an immediate support system. When facing a mental health struggle or disorder, it is easy to become isolated and not know how to find relief. By joining a group therapy class, you immediately have a support system rooting for your success and providing accountability. 
  • Assurance that you are not alone. Feeling alone really impacts an individual. So, hearing others share their story and hear what they are facing can destigmatize any judgement or isolation that you are experiencing. 
  • Skills to cope and manage your mental health outside of the group. Being guided in skills and practical ways to improve your mental health and getting feedback from peers proves to be very effective.
  • Safe and Healthy environment to listen and share. Group therapy offers individuals a way to communicate their struggles and listen to others in a health environment with the guidance of a professional therapist. 

Group therapy in our area –

When I moved to Mississippi, I became very aware of how underserved our community is when it comes to mental healthcare. My mission is to change that.

This year, we are bringing innovative resources, like group therapy, to provide people in our community additional, accessible tools to focus on their mental health goals.

The first group therapy course we are offering will begin February 10th and last for 8 weeks. This will be for women with anxiety, led by Lisa Lippincott, PNP, who has been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for groups at Vanderbilt. Lisa and Dr. Lu will work with this group to develop coping skills and mechanisms that will help women manage generalized anxiety, social phobias, and panic disorder. This will be an 8-week course for women to invest in improving their mental health. 
We will continue to offer group therapy through Arise to support our community. If you are interested in joining this course or courses in the future, please let us know here: https://ariserh.com/get-started/

By: A. Johanna Lu, MD, ABPN
Psychiatrist, Co-Founder and Medical Director

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