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Audrey Etheridge

Audrey Ethridge

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Meet Audrey Ethridge, a compassionate and dedicated healthcare professional whose personal journey inspired her to champion mental health advocacy. Audrey’s childhood experiences witnessing the profound impact of mental illness on loved ones motivated her to pursue a career in psychiatry. Her commitment to bringing positive change to individuals and families in need of effective treatment, encouragement, and hope has been a guiding force throughout her professional and personal life. 

Audrey’s extensive psychiatric experience has been centered on working with pediatrics and adolescents, showcasing her comfort and expertise in treating individuals across the lifespan, including those with disabilities. Thriving in collaborative environments, she excels in delivering evidence-based care and possesses a remarkable ability to navigate complex situations.

Her natural empathy and intuition make Audrey a standout healthcare provider, particularly within multidisciplinary teams. Rooted in her belief that every patient deserves to feel acknowledged and safe, Audrey approaches patient care with an open-minded and compassionate perspective, encompassing assessment, diagnosis, prescription, and medical management.

Audrey’s educational journey includes earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Alcorn State in 2012, followed by a Master of Science in Nursing from the same institution in 2014. She furthered her expertise with a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner from the University of Cincinnati in 2023. With this robust educational background, Audrey is well-prepared to contribute her unique skills and experiences to Arise Psychiatry, embodying the values that guide her in making a meaningful impact in the field of psychiatry.